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Parents supporting Parents.

home slide02The experience of grief is different for each individual and family. Anger, frustration, sadness, bargaining and denial are all normal emotions following the loss of a dear loved one. The role of Sands is to offer mutual support and understanding during this journey. Some families are members for only a short time and others remain members of Sands for life.

Sands has a 24 hour phone support service. This is often the first point of contact for bereaved parents. A member that has experienced the death of a baby attends the phone. The phone call is confidential and the Sands member is happy to listen without judgement to your thoughts, feelings and frustrations.

Our all over Queensland 24 hour support line contact is: 13000 Sands (72637)

Sands Townsville provides support meeting by appointment only. The meetings offer a warm and accepting environment without prejudice or expectation.

These support meetings are held by appointment only, please phone or email Sands Townsville to arrange an appointment. Sands also has reading material.

If you require further information on the services that we provide or wish to chat to one of our members, please contact us.


SANDS Townsville is based in
Townsville, QLD Australia.

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Phone: 13000 SANDS (72637) - 24 hour Support Line
Phone: 0477 457 851 - Office Hours

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